Art of Balancing: Find another way to juggle

Spinning plates, flaming batons, scarves or apples and oranges, juggling fascinates us.  Similarly, we are amazed by individuals who seem to have mastered the work-life-family balance, by busy leaders are able to hold that tension between so-much-to-do and keeping-so-much-going all while getting the big job done.  We wonder how one person can hold so much together and still bring a buoyant and motivated self to each task.  The Leadership Fellowship and the Artist’s Way have invited me to “find balance”; to figure out what mix I need to be sustainable.  In my endeavor to do so, I’m discovering how achieving balance is about finding another way to juggle.

So much of “balancing” has to do with how we spend our time.  Do we have the right mix between giving our energy and claiming it back?  Is our mix made up of 3 evenly weighted pieces, or are we holding one big pin and seven scarves?  Are we intentional about where we place our focus?  Does our schedule match our priorities?  Over the last few months, I’ve been experimenting with this type of balancing, a refinement of what may always feel like a juggling act to me. Continue reading