OPOWER: A Minnesota demonstration of feedback and norming

In 2007, bringing together the call to save energy and research on social psychology and behavior change, OPOWER launched a utility customer engagement platform that revolutionizes the way the average consumer relates to their energy bill.  OPOWER has made incredible advances in researching the power of Feedback and Social Norming through their platform, and Minnesota is actually one of their main testing grounds.  I participated in a webinar that included two OPOWER staff and Centerpoint Energy’s Conservation Improvement Program Manager, Todd Berreman and heard some very hopeful news.  Continue reading

Pursuing the Latest and Greatest Energy Resource: Energy Efficiency

Today and tomorrow I am at the ACEEE Energy Efficiency as a Resource Conference.  This event has gathered over 400 individuals from utilities, consulting companies, research groups, and organizations, to explore this concept: Energy efficiency as a resource.

The cheapest unit of energy is the one you don’t use.  As we use more energy, as homeowners, business owners, industry, and government, our utility companies work hard to provide us that energy in a reliable and cost effective way.  But if we keep using more and more, they have to build more power plants, and power plants are expensive.  And guess who pays for them?  We do. Continue reading

Upcoming events – Conferences, visits, and more!

To see my full schedule updated, visit my Calendar.  Throughout my fellowship I will be connecting with individuals in communities across Minnesota and the Midwest, but also attending some amazing events which will teach me more about community-based energy efficiency strategies, community-based social marketing, and how I can grow personally and professionally as a leader.  Below is a selection of events coming up with some notes about what I’m looking forward to and/or my learning goals. Continue reading